Temporary workers are the flexible workers in your organisation. for example if the temporary worker is ill or on holiday you only pay for the amount of hours that they  worked,  plus there is no term of notice necessary so you are very flexable.

The temporary worker has to hand in to you or your forman at the end of every working week his hour roaster,  you then have to sign this then mail or fax it back to us. Then we send you an invoice for the amount of hours that they had worked and no more.

Here are a few pointers that maybe of importances to you.

  • No personals administration cost.
  • No heath insurance/ no risk.
  • No Wage administration or premium cost.
  • No term of notice.
  • Part payment of the invoice goes to our G account this way you are coverd for the “Wet-Keten-Aansprakelijkheid”.
  • Qualified workers will be carefully selected to fit your profile.

If this is not very clear to you or you have any question then please by all meens you can get in contact with us and we will explain all what you need to know.

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